Our fish and chip van parked on a street in a housing estate in Thorner on a sunny day, with several people in the queue being served by Amanda through the serving hatch.

Our pristine catering fish and chip van with a large illuminated red sign on the roof with "Fish & Chips" in white letters, serving a queue of customers on the street in Bramham.

Wednesday - Methley

4.30 - 7:30pm    Commercial Pub​, Main Street

Our fish and chip van in a dark Bramham with waiting customers. The hatch and inside the catering van is fully lit up with led lighting and a large illuminated oblong sign on the roof lights up the message "Fish & Chips"

Thursday - Bramham

4:30 - 5.45   Lyndon Road Layby

6:15 - 8:00pm   Red Lion Pub, The Square

Owner Amanda in her chefs whites giving a carrier bag full of tasty fish and chips to a customer from the fish and chip van serving hatch in Methley.

Friday - Thorner

4:30 - 5.30 

Kirkfield Avenue 

Friday - Thorner

6.00 ish - 8.00pm

25 Main Street, outside the Boules and

Community Centre